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TOP COMMENT : Verified harassment victim,

“Keep getting harassing calls from this number on an auto dialer. I have been told nasty mean things they won't disclose debt. Keep calling in weird times but won't ever tell me what account what they need nothing. I'm sick of the continued harassing associated with this collection firm and would like to seek legal counsel if I qualify.",”

Stop debt collector harassment. Regain your peace of mind. We’ve helped thousands of clients just like you turn the tables on debt collectors. We make them pay you. And our services are absolutely free for you.

Examples of Illegal Harassment

  • Multiple calls per week
  • Attempts to collect more than you owe
  • Criminal accusations
  • Early morning or late night calls
  • Threats of negative credit reporting
  • Collection agency lies
  • Calls to friends, neighbors, or coworkers
  • Collection calls at work
  • Use of obscene language
  • Threats of violence, lawsuit, or arrest
  • Attempts to intimidate you
  • Robocalls to your cell phone
8 Community Comments RECENT COMMENTS :
Verified h

Keep getting harassing calls from this number on an auto dialer. I have been told nasty mean things they won’t disclose debt. Keep calling in weird times but won’t ever tell me what account what they need nothing. I’m sick of the continued harassing associated with this collection firm and would like to seek legal counsel if I qualify.”,


Got calls from this and was on my reject list. From reading others comments, I did have progressive car insurance, they said I owed them a premium on car I insured that was repossessed.. Must be a debt collector calling for progressive..

anonymous u

They called and I answered she asked for me I said what company do you work for and she said CCS I asked her to repeat it for I am recording the phone call and then asked what CCS stands for and what company if they are debt collector do they work for she said she at that point she said she couldn’t talk to anybody but The person they are looking for. I then told her to give me her full legal company name and number and I will have the person call her back when they are available. She then hang up.

gnok g

Another round of roaming idiots. I placed the number in a blocked callers list where I’ve set the ringtone to ‘Silence’, a ringtone I got from another Internet user. I’ve only received one call from them in 3 days. After that call, I won’t really know until I check my call log because I won’t hear their call. PEOPLE BEWARE: at&t and verizon ARE BIG SELLERS OF OUR PHONE NUMBERS. So are some of the other cellphone carriers!

anonymous u

tell them you know you are on a recorded line and that the number they are calling is a work number and by federal law it is illegal for them to call your work number and that you are taking note of the date and time and if they call again your employer (you) will pursue legal action. by law collectors are not allowed to call your work number and the collectors dont know what number they are calling or if you are self-employed i have used this on every collector call and have never gotten a call from the same one twice. i work for a debt settlement company

Nucking F

They are on a fishing expedition. Don’t give them any info. Play with them. Tell them to send you a $1,500 check for calling your cell phone without your consent. Angelo is the head turdflume. Treat them like the scum that they are. They will pump you for anything give them some fake crap and let them think they have scored.

anonymous u

it called me many times and was rather annoying until one day I called back. She told me they were kind of debt collector. anyway, she said she would remove my number from their list.

anonymous u

Kept getting calls from this number, got tired of ignoring them. Finally answered it and the woman on the other end said she was calling on behalf of CCS looking for someone I have never heard of. I told her that I did not know anyone by that name and she stated they would update their records and should not be calling again. We will see….very annoying.

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