Stopping Debt Collection Calls

It’s always good to hear that folks appreciate the service that WhyCall.Me provides, and we’re grateful that our community contributes reports that make this website incredibly useful. Yet there are times when it’s appropriate to go a step further than simply reporting phone numbers and callers.

Debt collection calls rank right up there with robocalls as being frustrating and annoying – and debt collectors robocall people everyday. A lot of people don’t realize that there are actually laws on the books that folks can use to combat debt collection abuse. Some community members have brought the website I Hate Calls to our attention as an effective tool in figuring out which debt collection agencies are calling and in using the law to your advantage.

The site is in the process of compiling an index of debt collection agencies that delivers insights into the background of each agency, the type and number of complaints each has racked up, and examples of legal cases brought against each. Best of all, there’s a place for people to discuss their experiences with a given debt collection agency. This seems like a powerful tool for both combatting debt collection abuse and for sharing information about tactics that agencies use when hounding consumers.

Kudos to for providing this resource. We look forward to watching the index continue to develop and grow.


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