Disk Drill Disk Recovery – Scam Like Software

This is not a phone scam, but in my opinion it definitely falls in the category of consumer rip off. Recently I mistakenly deleted footage from my Flash drive and tried to recover it using software called “Disk Drill” by cleverfiles. The only reason I paid the whooping 89$ is because the trial version of [...][...]

Relative in Distress

We often get stories from people around the world that serve as warnings that the world is becoming a very dangerous place. We wonder, “How can people be so selfish and cruel?” Unfortunately, there is little that authorities can do about it, as can be seen in the FBI cybercrimes database. However, even when authorities [...][...]

Lottery Scam

I think most people dream of what they would do if they won the lottery. That mortgage hanging over your head would be paid off, a new car would be setting in the driveway, or maybe even a long overdue vacation would be planned. But, in reality, the odds of winning the lottery are about [...][...]

Fake Job Postings

You’d think that people would have some limitations, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to the job market. Despite how many people are struggling to make ends meet, seeking employment, and just trying to survive the poor economy, it turns out these are exactly the people that have become targets [...][...]

Searching for an Apartment

With the poor economic market, loss of employment, and rising rate of foreclosures, many people are again seeking houses or apartments to sustain them until they can get back on their feet. However, due to the fact that many people have had their credit ruined during the crisis, they have come to rely on unconventional [...][...]

Scammed while looking for a pet

One of the newest types of scams emerging over the past few years, as reported by several organizations including the American Kennel Club and Internet Crimes Complaint Center (IC3), relates to pet sales. Within the past year, IC3 has received over 700 complaints from people that answered ads for pets. As with most scams, these [...][...]

New Clearing House Scam Comes With a Twist

“Oh my God, the man was extremely deceiving!” These were the words of a Colorado woman who received a scam call last Thursday. The woman reported a call she got to the Colorado Springs Police Department from a certain James Smith of the Publisher’s Clearing House. The phone number was 516-833-3593 and in her report, [...][...]

FTC Files Charges Against Bogus Debt Collectors

U.S court has put a freeze on a telemarketing operation which is said to be responsible for extracting over 5 million dollars in fake debt collection fees. FTC filed charges against 3 defendants, In-Arabia Solutions, Broadway Global Master Inc and Kirit Patel, and put a request to immediately halt their operations or “irreparable harm will [...][...]

Canadian Supreme Court Rules a Wiretap Power Unconstitutional

Supreme court of Canada Supreme court of Canada ruled that wiretapping power under the provision 184.4 is unconstitutional. It allowed Police to wiretap lines without a warrant or notifying a judge. The provision was to be used in emergency situations, but was deemed as too vague and open to abuse by organizations such as “BC [...][...]

Smart cellphones Yes, but how about Smart Payphones?

Mockup It may seem like payphones are slowly going extinct (especially in rural areas of the united states), but in their last defying feat Payphones could make a grand comeback. A company called City24/7 is building Payphones which will display regional information such as bus schedules, local maps, events and more. Surprisingly the pilot is [...][...]