My $4,500 Payday from a Telemarketer

By Casey Jacobs

By Casey Jacobs

If you had told me that I could get a compensation of $4,500 from a telemarketer, I would have told you that you were crazy. But I’m living proof that you can stop telemarketers in their tracks… and make them pay.. literally!

Is there anybody in the universe who likes telemarketing calls? Doubtful. When I was growing up, they’d call our house phone just about the time my mom was dishing up dinner. Now that I’m a mom, I don’t even have a house phone – all I have is my cell phone. But that doesn’t stop the telemarketing calls.

To make matters worse, the calls aren’t even from real people. They’re robocalls. Sometimes I’d answer and hear a prerecorded voice telling me I’d qualified for a free vacation in the Bahamas. Other times I had qualified for solar panels. Sometimes there was a creepy interactive element to a call that made me think a real person was on the line. The prerecorded voice would ask me a question and I’d be torn between not wanting to be rude and thinking, nah, this isn’t legit. Well, it wasn’t a real person, and I was sick of all the interruptions.

I saw a news story making the rounds on Facebook about this woman who’d sued Time Warner Cable and won more than $200,000. Hard to believe, but I tracked down the woman’s lawyers from a place called Lemberg Law. When I called, I told them about a telemarketer who wouldn’t leave me alone and kept trying to sell me new windows for my house. They asked me some questions, I sent them screen shots of the call log on my cell phone, and then I signed on the dotted line. Didn’t have to pay them a dime upfront.

Long story short, it turns out that the telemarketer broke the law by robocalling me when I hadn’t given them written permission to call. Lemberg Law had the evidence from my call logs, showed it to the company, and the company caved. They offered to settle, the lawyers took their cut off the top, and then they sent me a check for the rest. Getting a $4,500 check – $500 for each call – in the mail was pretty darn sweet.

Anyway, just wanted to give folks a head’s up that the story that went around Facebook was legit, and that you can sue telemarketers and win big bucks.

Reprinted with permission of the author, Casey Jacobs.


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