Is this a robot or a real person calling? Can you spot a robot?

There was a news story published on Jezebel about a supposed Robocaller that talks like a real person and tries to hide that it’s a robot.

In the story the person asked the supposed Robot random questions that only a real person can answer and supposedly the robot was not able to answer them. Unfortunately this part of the interaction was not recorded and we’re left with a recording that sounds a lot like a real person.

After carefully listening to the recording I’m really not convinced that this is a Robocaller.

There are awkward pauses, but these could have been added in post production or the telemarketer was simply distracted by something. In my opinion the answers sound very genuine..

What do you think? We’re soon heading into 2017 and AI is all the rage, so if it is a Robot calling then we’re entering a new era of telemarketing.

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