About Whycall.me

By About Whycall.me

All too often, the origins of unwanted calls are mysterious. Whycall.me was launched to empower consumers who face a bombardment of robocalls, harassing debt collection calls, telemarketing calls, and scammers.

By encouraging those who have been harassed to report their experiences, Whycall.me has developed a wealth of community wisdom that serves to identify unwanted callers and inspires consumers to assert their legal rights. We supplement the caller information that the community provides with our data about the sources of debt collection calls.

Under federal law, consumers are entitled to compensation for illegal harassing calls. We educate visitors about their rights and make it easy to connect to Lemberg Law. Lemberg Law is an accomplished national consumer law firm that is also Whycall.me’s parent company.

The bottom line? We want to put a stop to harassing calls while helping community members get the cash compensation they deserve for phone and debt collection harassment.

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