My $4,500 Payday from a Telemarketer

By Casey Jacobs

If you had told me that I could get a compensation of $4,500 from a telemarketer, I would have told you that you were crazy. But I’m living proof that you can stop telemarketers in their tracks… and make them pay.. literally! Is there anybody in the universe who likes telemarketing calls? [...][...]

True Confessions: How I Beat a Debt Collector

By Sara Williamson

This week, I got a check for $1,000 by going after a debt collector. It’s not just the money that matters. It’s the principle. But more on that later. Let’s start at the beginning…. When it comes to talking about debt, I’m like most people. I usually have a “Don’t ask, don’t [...][...]

Consumer Wins Massive $229,500 Robocall Lawsuit Against Time Warner Cable

One robocall is irritating, but 163 robocalls can make for a massive legal judgment against the caller. In a lawsuit against Time Warner Cable, Araceli King argued that the telecommunications behemoth violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by placing 163 cell phone robocalls to Ms. King’s cell phone without her permission. According to court documents, [...][...]

Consumer Sues Debt Collector NRA Group Over Robocalls – and Wins

To say that robocalls are annoying is an understatement. They can be like the drip, drip, drip of torture. That’s exactly what Peterson Manuel experienced when the debt collection agency NRA Group robocalled him, and robocalled him, and robocalled him. It got so bad that he sued the debt collection agency in U.S. District Court [...][...]

Judge Rules that Target’s Harassing Debt Collection Calls Crossed the Line

Like millions of people, Catherine Roies-Medeiros had a credit card from Target. And, like millions of people, she got behind on her bills. Unlike most people, however, the mass merchandiser put a, er, target on her back and relentlessly called her about paying the debt. She ended up suing Target in Massachusetts Superior Court, charging [...][...]

Stopping Debt Collection Calls

It’s always good to hear that folks appreciate the service that WhyCall.Me provides, and we’re grateful that our community contributes reports that make this website incredibly useful. Yet there are times when it’s appropriate to go a step further than simply reporting phone numbers and callers. Debt collection calls rank right up there with robocalls [...][...]

PRESS RELEASE: New scam detection AI released this week

PR web version available here Montreal based “”, a consumer protection site, has finished the final testing phase of its latest Artificial Intelligence scam detection algorithm that was created with the support of the Canadian government program called “Scientific Research and Experimental Development” (SR&ED) using NVIDIA GPUs to analyze large sets of data. The algorithm [...][...]

Is this a robot or a real person calling? Can you spot a robot?

There was a news story published on Jezebel about a supposed Robocaller that talks like a real person and tries to hide that it’s a robot. In the story the person asked the supposed Robot random questions that only a real person can answer and supposedly the robot was not able to answer them. Unfortunately [...][...]

Western Union used by criminals all the time

After analyzing roughly 1200 telephone numbers that were tagged as belonging to “scammers” I can confidently conclude that Western Union is used by scammers about 90% of the time. Moneygram and various pre-paid cash cards like Greendot are far behind in the second place. If we look at the evidence found online it becomes apparent [...][...]

Customer testimonial

For us it’s always good news to hear genuine testimonials like that from people who visit and use Honestly GREATFUL Bunch of people maybey even thousands of us! Im writting to say this is the VERY BEST website in usefulness and integrity! Im so very happy to have found it on has [...][...]