Area Code 989

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Area code: 989
State: Michigan
Country: USA
17, Apr. 2020

*Same as previous post: Message only, Call about a description that should have been filed march 30 but due to covid19 they have suspended until further notice. Wants my esignature on file and a correct address because this was a 2nd failed attempt.

Cindy's yiaband
15, Apr. 2020

Calling my wife who the fuck are u

8, Apr. 2020

Same sh!t every day! Calls never leaves a message and they use different numbers each time. I have been getting them every day almost for a year or more! It's getting ridiculous. Who or what are you calling for. I know it's a scam!!! That's why you never leave a message, because you don't even know who you are calling in the first place. How stupid do you think I am? I don't answer calls that call every day usually around the same time every day as well.

30, Mar. 2020

I have repeatedly asked them to place me on their do not call list.

30, Mar. 2020

every day for the last couple of weeks.

28, Mar. 2020

Asked to stop calling but continue to call

21, Mar. 2020

The consumer reports that he questioned them about who they really work for, and hung up on the callers.

18, Mar. 2020

repeated harassment by this company.

17, Mar. 2020

doesn't say who it is just says he is going to show me how to make money and wants me to call his recorded message

15, Mar. 2020

PLEASE get them to stop calling me!

15, Mar. 2020

If you can get these people to stop calling I would really appreciate it.

9, Mar. 2020

They just keep calling about senior citizen alert.

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