Area Code 985

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Area code: 985
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
2, Sep. 2020

They are preying on older people to try and get their credit card numbers.

2, Jun. 2020

When I got a live operator they hung-up on me immediately when I mentioned adding me to the Do Not Call list.

7, May. 2020

Called on Thursday, May 7, 2020 and I answered it. (I was curious.) It simply hung up within a second or two of my answering it.

23, Apr. 2020

Hello my name is Kerry Sanders and my office is been retained to deliver you formal notice in regards to a complaint being filed to your attention that should took place on March 30 but due to the covid 19 situation the state has been suspended indefinitely for a future date that is unknown at this moment. I will need your signature on file but I believe we have an address discrepancy because this is not my second failed attempt. Please contact the issuing agent's office to update an address so I can make a final attempt at your earliest convenience. The number is 833-637-0170. Once again that number is 833-637-0170.. Click here: 13608424000 to listen to full voice message. ISSA SCAM 🤦🏾‍♀️

11, Apr. 2020

I also received a text then had a call was concerned so rejected the call and it rang me 2 more times which again I rejected

2, Apr. 2020

when we attempt to call back, there is always a busy signal.

27, Mar. 2020

Called repeatedly over several days.

27, Mar. 2020

Another robo-call (to my mobile number) from "Heather from Account Services". What does it take to stop this abusive company!?

26, Mar. 2020

2 calls this today from this number

25, Mar. 2020

Then went on a pitch about breast cancer research and funding.

23, Mar. 2020

A recording talks about credit card debt and to press one for operator who immediately hangs up if you inquire about do not call list.

21, Mar. 2020

Can someone please investigate and penalize these people for ignoring the Do Not Call Registry which I have been on for years!

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