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  • Regional statistics: Madisonville, Louisiana has a population of 191268 that is in a county of 69253 units. The city is in a county that is 854 square miles.
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4, Jun. 2019

They call me 5 times per day. They do not identify themselves. They do not desist, despite polite requests to do so. Please put them out of business!

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6, Sep. 2018

They had also called on Friday the 1st but I was at work and they hung up with no message.

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31, Aug. 2018

Business call about change in service routes. Not an unsolicited call.

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14, Aug. 2018

I ma getting some scam phone calls and therats that they are contacting my employer about a chack I wrote ( I do not owe any check or money to anyone.

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4, Aug. 2018

I told him we are on a Do Not Call Registry but he kept on pitching.

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13, May. 2018

Who is this ?

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13, Apr. 2018

No such system was ordered and when I asked who ordered it for me, they hung up.

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6, Apr. 2018

Please investigate and stop these annoying calls.

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12, Mar. 2018

Calls come on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week.

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24, Feb. 2018

I did not answer a call from this number and no message was left. I didn't know what the initials stood and had to look up the number to ensure it wasn't from a legitimate caller since I do recieve calls from the 985 area code at times. Do not call lists don't seem to matter any more.

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10, Dec. 2017

This recording/robo-call comes to my number several times a month.

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20, Oct. 2017

recording all warns that this will be the last warning.

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26, Sep. 2017

Thank you for investigating.

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14, Feb. 2017

I could take care of it today.

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12, Feb. 2017

Please fine these people they call me at lease 10 TIMES A DAY FOR OVER A YEAR.

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13, Jan. 2017

How to report them anyway? I'm sick of their calls. I have asked them to remove my number from their calling list, but to no avail... they keep calling my number....

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30, Nov. 2016

We will not go on our computer.

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24, Jul. 2016

fine the people who keep on calling these do not call numbers!

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29, Jan. 2016

these people call once a month about online preions renewal and I have never done business with them when I asked to not be called they hang up.

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13, Jan. 2016

I have asked MANY TIMES that they stop calling and put my number on the do not call list.

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23, Dec. 2015

This was a robo call stating it was my last opportunity to reduce interest rates.

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9, May. 2015

We do not return these type of calls and are reluctant to answer as it could be a link for someone to use our phone to make long distance calls.?

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20, Oct. 2014

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4, Apr. 2013

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