Area Code 978

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Area code: 978
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
14, Feb. 2019

Asked for my wife on my phone. Said sorry wrong number. He then said, “well maybe you can help me” I then hung up.

TS Rachel
13, Feb. 2019

He hires transgender escorts in the Boston area. He contacted me 2/13 in Boston. He likes mutual oral and get fucked

12, Feb. 2019

From caller in Lowell, no message

7, Feb. 2019

Scammer claims that customers who pay on time get a discount from the bill. Scam!!!!!!

1, Feb. 2019

Called and asked for my son by name. Told her he lives out of state. She hung up. I thought it was for maybe a college reunion. Now I know better. He's been out of state for over 50 years and I'm in my 90s. I have tried several times to register on the do not call list and it's a farce. We can put a man on the moon but we can't stop these bad people. I get several calls a day from people trying to convince me I've won millions of dollars too.

Shirley Sparrow
31, Jan. 2019

Trying to get a loan they took all my info. and said that was a proved for the loan but did not put money in my account. Now can not contact him.

29, Jan. 2019

I have scam calls automatically blocked through a service my cell phone provider offers, it called me 8 times, one after the other within a minute, it shows as blocked on my phone so it doesn't ring, just a notification that it was blocked. So I Googled it, found this site, decided I'd call it back and see what happened, it rings a couple times and this generic answering machine message picks up, some computer voice with an English or British accent.

15, Jan. 2019

The call is from someone looking for parents or guardian of some child or? Wants us to call a 1 800 number back. Much too dangerous. Most likely a SCAM.

8, Jan. 2019

puppy scammers

11, Dec. 2018

They are calling for retention purposes once you cancel. Maybe they should be more proactive when you are actually their customer.

5, Dec. 2018

Very rude.

2, Dec. 2018

I really can’t get the playing right today because of these irksome calls. I am wondering why I am not able to play without getting disturbed and have some freedom at least when I am playing a sport. I really feel like hitting the person who calls near the courts itself. You bet my instructor is not going to be happy.

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