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13, Nov. 2018

Does somebody else get telephone calls from Cash Recovery Specialists? I have a bank account with them except that seems to be fine. I have to leave for several errands, but I hope to try and call again when I get home.

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13, Nov. 2017

Took too long for this guy to get my money

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28, Aug. 2015

Informed Mr David Becker not to call my number of which he acknowledged and will remove it from there list .

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11, Feb. 2014

They call daily. Some king of phishing scam I think. Have asked them to stop calling several times but they continue.

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3, Jan. 2013

These are robocalls from a company. Calls are frequent, almost daily despite trying to get removed their list. When I scam them back and say I. interested in their services, and when I ask where they are located, the rep. hangs up immediately. Please help with these constant annoying calls.