Area Code 973

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Area code: 973
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

My father-in-law received a message on his phone that caused him sleepless nights. The caller left a message that they would hurt him. The business that called should be put in prison. We're going to telephone a lawyer today.

19, Nov. 2018

What a pain! My greatest bother is the reason why the caller goes all silent when we ask about tjhe nature of the call. Well I think this is a democratic country and anyone should have the liberty to ask a question from the caller prior to disclosing sensitive information. There is no proper order and the phone calls have come at odd intervals. I am perplexed as I still do not know the purpose of the telephone calls. My niece makes fun of me and comments that the person who keeps calling likes my voice. I told her it is not amusing at all.

16, Nov. 2018

called 3 x in a row; kept shutting off; didn't leave a message

9, Nov. 2018

I continue to get calls from a company while I'm at my son's. They keep leaving messages. When I phone to ask them to take me off their list, no one answers. I haven't ever heard of the man who owes the money. I want these calls to stop once and

7, Nov. 2018

*** STUDENT LOAN SCAMMER ALERT *** These people use illegal, automated robo-calls claiming "this is truly your final offer to refinance your student loan debt with NelNet". Yet every time they've called for the past year, they've said it was my final offer... even when they called twice a day! DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL DATA TO THEM!!! Their calls started in Jan 2017 and continue, even though I've told them numerous times to stop calling me and I will not do business with them. From Oct to Nov 2017, they called me literally every weekday, sometimes twice a day. I don't have any student loan debt at all, so obviously this is a scam/ fraud designed to get my personal financial information... as if I'd ever give this to a random stranger who calls in the middle of the day. A previous caller told me their address, but I don't know how accurate it is: National Student Help Center, 26970 Maple St, Sacramento, CA I have consulted with 2 attorneys about this issue, but both of them said there's nothing they can do since this company doesn't seem to have a real address. They called my cell phone, which is on the FTC and State of FL Do Not Call List. They previously called me: 12:16 PM 11/7/18 973-670-5823 7:22 PM 10/2/18 209-897-9856 1:59 PM 8/6/18 818-869-9810 5:29 PM 7/31/18 727-896-5007 10:54 AM 7/19/18 714-395-5878 5:25 PM 7/16/18 562-386-0376 6:03 PM 5/30/18 343-495-0043; the second time today! 3:45 PM 5/30/18 No Caller ID, but the same robo-call as before 2:53 PM 5/23/18 407-954-1481 7:17 PM 5/10/18 407-964-1986 4:30 PM 5/2/18 619-215-5639; they sent me a text! 2:00 PM 3/26/18 530-441-1039; same number as a few days ago 12:49 PM 3/23/18 530-441-1039 2:59 PM 3/9/18 407-425-1806 6:32 PM 3/1/18 530-441-1039 1:47 PM 2/21/18 407-540-1457 12:22 PM 1/25/18 407-777-4802 2:54 PM 12/6/17 407-685-3502 10:03 AM 11/22/17 407-512-0328 1:37 PM 11/15/17 407-504-7950 1:18 PM 11/15/17 407-365-0215 12:56 PM 11/13/17 657-234-7283; same number as on 11/6; this seemed to be a live person who left a message on my voice mail 4:42 PM 11/8/17 407-810-0719; talked to a live person, Kendra and told her not to call me yes, this was within a few minutes of Andrea calling! 4:16 PM 11/8/17 407-777-4599: talked to a live person, Andrea/ told her not to call me 2:10 PM 11/6/17 657-234-7283 1:13 PM 11/2/17 949-259-6088: this seemed to be a live person who left a message on my voice mail 11:02 AM 10/31/17 725-223-1629 12:18 PM 10/30/17 407-349-0054 12:28 PM 10/27/17 407-277-8076 1:51 PM 10/26/17 407-340-1287 5:27 PM 10/25/17 407-230-3365 2:57 PM 10/24/17 254-522-7555 12:56 PM 10/24/17 407-804-9288; the same phone number 4 days later 1:13 PM 10/20/17 407-804-9288 10:37 AM 10/13/17 407-293-8067 12:46 PM 10/9/17 407-223-8071; same phone number the next day 3:35 PM 10/6/17 407-223-8071; same phone number 90 minutes later 2:17 PM 10/6/17 407-223-8071; same phone number, 40 minutes later 1:45 PM 10/6/17 407-223-8071 4:11 PM 9/26/17 407-777-9801 3:40 PM 9/26/17 858-215-1850 4:44 PM 8/21/17 202-568-9264 9:23 AM 2/28/17 321-430-4970 10:42 AM 2/9/17 305-985-5505 1:18 PM 1/4/17 925-640-4395

7, Nov. 2018

I continue to receive telephone calls from some company during mornings. They won't stop telephoning. When I phone to request that they cease and desist, no one picks up. I don't even know the woman that hasn't paid their bills. I need these phone calls to stop once and for all.

7, Nov. 2018

The telephone call came in at the second when I was shifting my head to allow the barber to shorten the long strands just near the forehead. The mad fellow does not realize the dilemma I am in at the moment and it is nothong but sheer agony. I need to stop this business of the mobile calls somehow. Well I need to think twice before I take up the barber’s offer of help as I do not know anything about him. Oh! my goodness what is this country coming to I am unsure. Crooks And what not!

6, Nov. 2018

I am speculating how to discontinue these impolite calls on the Android. Any ideas? I am not a fool. Idiots!

6, Nov. 2018

My piano concert is at 2.0 pm and I have only 40 minutes to get ready for the show. The family needs to pay the funds to the hospital authorities by 11th of this month. All what I keep hearing is the tone of the person who telephoned me and the offensive language he used on me. So many mobile calls within 7 days and the last call came about 12 seconds ago. I feel as if my head is shaking and I don’t think I can go in front of a large audience to play the piano feeling like shivering like a fool. Well I am not responsible for this state and all the blame should go to the stupid callers who have been giving telephone calls at the most awkward times. No two words! everyone will say I got stage fright. I really do not care.

4, Nov. 2018

I received a odd call just now. Darren said the business had telephoned 2 times about a borrowing. I've never applied that type of loan. This jerk said I would be sued in two days if I refused to pay over the telephone. He told me they would sue me in Missouri but I don't even reside there. I'm frightened and don't know whether I should pay.

2, Nov. 2018

I work for federal agency and hae been given a mobile phone. I frequently get a lot of telephone calls from these people. This evening I called the company from a regular phone to ask to be removed their list, but the business terminated the call before I could give the mobile phone number. I tried over and over, but then the woman said they company already had the phone number I called from. I told them no, but then I heard dial tone. I continued to phone. They said that there wasn't a manager and disconnected.

29, Oct. 2018

This phone number phoned me 2 times in the last month. The phone calls terrify me. I'm sick of being harassed.

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