Area Code 973

Additional information:

Area code: 973
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
17, Feb. 2020

People are trying to get your Credit card info - Subject matter of the call: Lotteries, prizes & sweepstakes

17, Feb. 2020

This program is like a fart in the wind.grabs your interest in the beginning but diminishes to nothing over time.

14, Feb. 2020

Interstate fraudulent theft by trick or device!

14, Feb. 2020

2:33 pm , and 3:40 pm.

13, Feb. 2020

called 3 times over an hour- aholes

13, Feb. 2020

and AGAIN told them do not call me.

12, Feb. 2020

asked for birthdate and personal info and would not clarify why they were calling or what account they refer to but i assure u i have no acct with a co. of that name

12, Feb. 2020

nicely, that I am on the National do not call list and to please place my number on their dnc list.

11, Feb. 2020

Obviously a phishing scam.

8, Feb. 2020

They have been told repeatedly to remove our number from their call logs yet they never do.

6, Feb. 2020

I hang up at that point

4, Feb. 2020

As soon as you pick up, a message starts with 'We apologize that you have been overcharged by your electric utility. Press 1 to get an immediate refund." If you don't press 1, the call will disconnect after about 15 seconds. This is just a scam to get you to change your electric provider. I suggest you block this number altogether.

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