Area Code 972

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Area code: 972
State: Texas
Country: USA
16, Feb. 2019

They call daily. They now after 3 straight weeks have begun to threaten me and laugh when I say no and threaten to call the police if they do not quit calling. The guy just laughs and says things like see you soon. It is scary!

15, Feb. 2019

They called and asked me if I was "available" many times and most likely was expecting me to say yes so I hung up.

6, Feb. 2019

Loan Company wanting to give me a loan. Has called me numerous times. Now I'll block the phone number.

5, Feb. 2019

They sent a letter so I called and they wanted to update my dot. He asked if i will pay with a credit or debit card.. I told him I will call him back. Thank you

24, Jan. 2019


16, Jan. 2019

I just Received this same exact call today they called private but left a message...

5, Jan. 2019

She had called my number regarding my mother n law and her husband which they are in a nursing home calling to collect a debt on their behalf, she is calling my husbands number. Then she's calling my husband's nephew saying they owe $35,000 on their behalf to the nursing home. You talk about a scare tactic the nephew and his wife are taking this person for real I'm not there's nothing they can do to us at all.

4, Jan. 2019

Have called On previous days. Have called 3 times today. Unknown caller never leaves message

28, Dec. 2018

Called to demand an email transfer of funds to his phone. i refused.

28, Dec. 2018

She asked for the owner by his first name. When I asked her what it was regarding, she hung up. I could tell by the quality of the connection that it was from some type of call center, but nonetheless was professional when I asked her the reason for the call. Not surprised when she hung up on me.

23, Dec. 2018

Calls about 4 times per day- would not leave a message with my husband and said it was of a “personal business” matter.

21, Dec. 2018

Voicemail message. I deleted. Do not know the person.

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