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  • Regional statistics: Palmer, Texas has a population of 111360 that is in a county of 37020 units. The city is in a county that is 940 square miles. 972-846 is available through the regional telephone switch # BRSTTXXARS0 in the Palmer area.
  • Other cities located around Palmer: Dallas (972-844) Nevada (972-843) Irving (972-847) Wilmer (972-848)
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17, Oct. 2019

I told him not to call back and hung up.

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7, Jun. 2019

Consumer called to ad suspect ph# from Jamaica.

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23, Apr. 2019

It is a recorded message and they do not leave a message.

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9, Apr. 2019

it is my cell phone and i travel often internationally and this can cost me a lot of money.

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6, Apr. 2019

Now, they call, I can hear them in the back ground, then, when I get upset and mention the do not call.they hang up It is now harassement!

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11, Mar. 2019

I have repeatedly told them not to call and they continue to call.

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2, Mar. 2018

I’m getting call from this number. How do I know is not ligid? Thanks

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28, Feb. 2018

If you ever do take the call no one will delete you if you question why they are calling.

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9, Nov. 2017

I do not owe any debt and want them to stop calling

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29, Mar. 2017

They call multiple times EVERY day from multiple long distance phone numbers even after asking them several times to stop.

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25, Nov. 2016

I receive these every day.

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4, Oct. 2016

Called every several days. Automatically blocked as a robo caller by my phone system.

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15, Oct. 2015

Company keeps leaving message on my mobile phone offering to reduce credit card insterest.

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6, Oct. 2015

it is a recorded message, and if you wait to talk to someone it can take up to 10 minutes to get to someone, to ask that they quit.

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13, Dec. 2014

not the first time!!! And i have filed complaints before

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1, Aug. 2014

Said he was from the Auto Protection Department. It sounded like a computer voice

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26, Feb. 2013

Unsolicited commercial call to a residential telephone number listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.