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14, Sep. 2018

They called my cell number

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2, Apr. 2018

when Icall them they want my 16 # account?

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4, Dec. 2017

I continue to get unsolicited sales calls and have been on the do not call list for some time now.

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9, Apr. 2017

Showed up on Caller ID no message.

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10, Aug. 2016

This is a recorded call that we receive several calls a day from.

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21, Apr. 2015

Recording for a medical alert device.

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30, Jun. 2013

We have received the same recorded message numerous times. When we pushed a number to speak with someone, we informed them that we are on the do not call list but they said that it does not apply to them. We asked to be placed on their do not call list, they say they do not have one.

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9, Mar. 2013

this is a phone number registered in the DNC.