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13, Nov. 2018

Who are behind these telephone calls and text messages I am not very sure. This has been occurring since July this year and I had made up my mind to avoid the phone calls. This has become a real bother and I have to get inot more details and settle this nuisance. I inquired fro further details about the unfinished business and they initially wanted me to confirm my credit card number. The person started to say that it was not his problem and this is the phone number recorded with them. I got the Devil in to me and told them to give it a try. Oh! why did I ever call back. Anyway the guy who lives down the road is well known to be a shady guy.

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13, Nov. 2018

My mother-in-law continues to receive telephone calls from #, but she dosen't live here. Should I provide them with the right phone number?

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11, Jul. 2016

Again, no one answers.

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28, Aug. 2013

left this number as a number to call to purchase my truck off craigs list