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11, Jan. 2018

I get at least five calls a day that are a recording about student loan debt and that someone had called them for debt relief for student loans. This is a business office and there is no one here that has any student loans. (We're a small office). The recording says to ress "9" to stop the calls. I do every single time, but they continue. I try to call them back and get a message that they cannot complete this call as dialed. I try other ways to dial, with a "1" first, but then I get the same message. I'm too busy to be answering their 5-6 calls a day! How do I make them stop?

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10, Jan. 2017

This was the second call - the first one was from phone number 9084690995.

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30, Jun. 2012

They call everyday after I have asked them to stop & that I was on the do not call list & it continues everyday & now there is someone on the line but they say nothing it is very annoying!!!!!!