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20, Aug. 2018

I can't think of the reason Abercrombie Simmons & Gillette would be telephoning me. I don't have a single loan with that place.

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20, Aug. 2018

The man who is calling was rude and whenever tje mobile calls come the agent asks about personal details. Th moment I ask for the cause the gent vehemently refuses to give a valid answer. Why should I give personal information to a stranger? Well the “Abercrombie Simmons & Gillette” is asking for trouble and they should be disclosed and we will not give in until we sort this matter.

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26, Aug. 2015

I stayed on to get ask to be removed from calling list.

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24, Jan. 2013

these people are rude, and they call me everyday. When I asked them to remove my number, they hung up on me without acknowledging my request. I am so fed up! please stop these people.