Area Code 971

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Area code: 971
State: Oregon
Country: USA
Chris H
12, Dec. 2018

I get calls every day from different people all claiming to be Jessica Peterson or somebody Thompson saying they want to talk about my student loans. They come from all over the country. It’s a scam.

3, Dec. 2018

missed call, did not leave message

2, Dec. 2018

I keep getting voicemails from some person who who says he's Jerry. I can't stand getting these irritating calls. These phone calls must stop right this minute!

1, Dec. 2018

I got a phone call from this number. When I picked up te telephone the lady was like, where are you? I was taken aback. She said a SSN. I was surprised that she would give out a person's private SSN She was clueless about who she was speaking to. I just wanted to know why she was telephoning me but she commanded me to respond to her questions and only then she'd tell me who she was. I couldn't get her revealing who she was with. I eventually hung up the phone. Could not stop thinking about it.

30, Nov. 2018

He states he is from a firemans fund Asking for the lady of the house.

29, Nov. 2018

This number called the company trying to find a woman I have never known. The caller was an idiot. If the caller calls again, I will turn them to our firm's law dept. What they're doing is just unethical.

29, Nov. 2018

This is my home phone number.

29, Nov. 2018

A woman phoned me two days ago She said she wnated to talk about a lawsuit. I told her to mail it to me. A male phoned this morning and told me the same thing. How do I block the telephone calls ?

29, Nov. 2018

I am positive that I am going to have an accident soon as I am losing concentration. Whebever I enter the car the telephone calls come in. However, I have no choice as if I do not answer I will have no way to stop the alarming mobile calls. I always try to look around at my surroundings but there is no one around. How can I explain these calls to anyone as it only happens to me the moment I enter teh vehicle I am wondering to myself whether this is real? I am in two minds to trace the fellow somehow and run him down.

29, Nov. 2018

calls are starting up again comming from this number about "credit card stimulus" -have been reported before.

28, Nov. 2018

Calls and then a recording says disconnecting and hangs up

28, Nov. 2018

This telephone number phoned regarding my father's store bill. It is ridiculous that I am receiving these robocalls on my mobile phone. It is an FDCPA violation for debt collectors to call cells. Somebody needs to cut them off.

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