Area Code 970

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Area code: 970
State: Colorado
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2018

They call me several times a day, always from a different number and they will not STOP.

20, Nov. 2018

said to call - we have committed illegal activity

19, Nov. 2018

medicine Florida vacation scam

19, Nov. 2018

At the start, I didn't care. I think I made a fool of myself by asking for further information. Too many calls really worry me. I am wasting time picking up these cell calls. I am getting desperate when I think of the damning calls. I am not feeling too good about these phone calls.

16, Nov. 2018

This debt collector telephoned me eight times this week. I'm terrified by the company's calls. They are bullying me.

15, Nov. 2018

Certified Collectors called my father-in-law last Monday. He did not owe a dime to this bill collector. He couldn't determine how this debt collection agency got his phone number. Should he write them?

13, Nov. 2018

I was engaged to this crazy man for the last 9 weeks when I finally realized what sort of a type the guy is. The pastor had been asking me to take precautions against this guy and I didn't bother to believe. I am feeling depressed. This is the time I really need a strong shoulder.

11, Nov. 2018

Is it right for Carter Home Collections to call me on my cell phone? The telephone calls are eating up our minutes. I've told them to stop calling, but these people still call.

10, Nov. 2018

Maddening robocall, saying that the company was testing entries in directory assistance, if I didn't wish to get telemarketing calls again, to call a special number. I hate these stupid calls!

7, Nov. 2018

Damn answering machines! I get a lot of phone calls from this number before seven in the morning. I pressed the right number to remove my telephone number from their database, but it will not help. What does this company want from me ?

5, Nov. 2018

The company calls at least once a day. When I ick ul, it's definitely a recording. I know this because the girl's voice has exactly the same rhythms every single time.

18, Oct. 2018

After seeing all the comments on line about this number....I just blocked them. Life's too short.

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