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11, Jun. 2018

I'm a Pro-Domme and He started calling me on NiteFlirt. I blocked him an now he's calling again. Like the other reports, he wants to be hypnotized and be a big breasted bimbo AND says he wants you to get an enhancement too. Best thing to do, get your money from him on NF (I've made a couple stacks off of him there) I wouldn't trust meeting him in person because he does seem to have some issues. He will pester you, so just ignore and he will go away and then maybe come back to you on NF. Talks about meeting in person, but gets angry when you tell him to screen and where to meet you.

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22, Feb. 2017

we receive many calls from cardmember services

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13, Aug. 2015

He said he could not do that.

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26, Mar. 2013

we have an unlisted phone number, we should not be receiving anything via phone. I Do not recognize this number or the company that is calling.

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25, Feb. 2013

this is 3rd time Ive requested this company to stop calling. also 3rd ive reported this no to do not call register, they continue to call when I tell them to remove my no they just hang up on me.