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5, Nov. 2018

The company calls at least once a day. When I ick ul, it's definitely a recording. I know this because the girl's voice has exactly the same rhythms every single time.

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4, Dec. 2014

They call multiple times a day, up to six times a day. There is no one on the line, and they don't leave a message.

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3, Dec. 2014

SCAM-Credit Card Call-My Second Filed Complaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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29, Jan. 2014

John Perez, John Cross, Jesse: ALL the same person, called 3 out of our 5 stores today with threats to pay "utility bill" in cash or have power cut off today. All of our bills are paid and no real company has a "cash only" policy. I have filled out a police report to document this extortion attempt on our business. When I called him out on being a scammer, he asked for my Facebook page and other personal info. He also told our accountant to get get the cash out of her personal bank account if she could not access company funds.