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8, Sep. 2016

This number is a voice mail saying the irs is suing me

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7, Sep. 2016

He asked if I wanted a camera crew with him.

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25, May. 2016

This number called. I ask to whom they wish to speak to. The guy asked me my name, I replied with "you called me, don't you know who I am look up the number im calling from and tell me who you think I am." The guy said "I have hundreds of case files on my desk." He became very defensive and started back peddling and quickly got off the phone. I then got a second voicemail just now with a recording, I assume it's a scam

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27, Aug. 2014

just called today, day 1, looked phone number has several complaints on your registry please stop these calls now

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14, Nov. 2013

The message that was left, with this phone number to call back, identified the firm as "Advisor Box" and they wanted to know if I was interested in selling my (investment) advisory services business -- or maybe buying someone else's. I did not call him back.

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31, Oct. 2013

they call over 20 times re-peatly!

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12, Apr. 2013

When I don't pick up, it's hard to know if it's a recording or not. They hang up or don't leave a message. Probably not a recording.

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5, Apr. 2012

this person (maybe young female) is contacting me at leat 1 to 2 and up to 4 times a day. started out asking for somebody, I responded not this number at one point this person text me 8 times. I ended up calling the number and what sounded like a young female answered. explained "wrong number, don't call again" caller ended up texting again with an day text again with "hey" I just recently text back "it is a felony to harass somebody across state lines" I just got a new phone with a new number..but this is very annoying!! please assist thank you