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12, Jun. 2018

In addition to your three thousand dollars in savings certificate you'll receive a free emergency medical alert bracelet or necklace.

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7, Jul. 2014

This number called several times yesterday and hung up on us and have called numerous times in the last few weeks. They have been told 2 different times to not call any more.

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8, Dec. 2012

They call our office several times a day. They will not leave a message.

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8, May. 2012

just offered me a 1000 dollar wal mart card...

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16, Feb. 2012

I also have this number, and have had it for several years without incident. However, starting in July of 2011, I started recieving calls from a woman who swears this is a number for a man named Don Taylor. Perhaps there are dupicate numbers being given. I am calling my carrier to find out.