Area Code 959

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Area code: 959
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
Kaung Nge
6, Apr. 2020

ဟလို ဆုထုတ်ချင်လို့ပါ 💰

24, Mar. 2020

recorded survey about healthcare

20, Mar. 2020

I have received many of these from the same source.

13, Mar. 2020

Name of company not listed.

11, Mar. 2020

Foreign Tech Support scam

10, Mar. 2020

The call is usually disconnected after 3 rings and no message is ever left on our answering machine.

7, Mar. 2020

I told her I was on the no call list and she hung up

5, Feb. 2020

Oddly I have no credit card no previous knowledge if the company and my credit has been locked for over 3 years.

23, Jan. 2020

This UNKNOWN individual's voice recording actually claims to be with between Medical Alert & Visa MasterCard! I actually got connected to a live person when I picked up and pressed 9 to ask them if they're really with this REAL Visa MasterCard?!, IT'S NOW VERY UNBELIEVABLE when this phony individual VICIOUSLY SWORE @ me over the phone when I stated the reasonable facts to him about what the REAL Visa MasterCard already know about in his phony number's game! This NOW tells me that this individual just DOESN'T CARE if they're providing this UNLISTED number as well as claiming to be with MasterCard & Visa! I can also LAUGH OUT LOUD to think how stupid his number's game is?!

15, Dec. 2019

I asked him to remove my name from their calling list and I hung up.

8, Dec. 2019

I told them to stop calling as I was on no-call list.

21, Nov. 2019

I turned off the machine when the phone rang.

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