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10, Nov. 2018

We received around many weird phone calls. There is no reason we shoudl get these damn robocalls.

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12, Jul. 2018

I am tired of calls coming from this number. No message either

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23, Jan. 2018

They are ignoring our request to stop calling, and we are NOT interested in anything they are selling, and we refuse to give them any personal information.

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2, Nov. 2017

Answering lets the caller know that there is a person at the other end of the line and they may continue to call and also forward the number to others.

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14, Feb. 2017

Keeps calling to person I do not know.

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18, Jul. 2016

I had a similar call recently and asked to be removed from list.

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19, Aug. 2015

Call 1-4 times per week on my business line and claim that I owe payment on a trip that I never took. They have gone from offering to extend the availability of the offer to threatening to turn it over to a collection agency. When I ask for proof that money is owed to be sent to me so my lawyer can contact their lawyer they keep saying I owe them and then call again.

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6, Aug. 2015

Both appear to be bogus.

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24, Jun. 2015

Numerous robocalls from various numbers.

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22, May. 2015

this was the frist of many calls more complaints to follow the one time I answered it was a man trying to sell me insurance for a car I had years ago

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10, Mar. 2015

This is where I draw the line damn it.

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16, Dec. 2014

There is no way that I know to get hold of these idiots, they only give an option to accept their service. They call daily.

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10, Dec. 2014

Calls me more than once a day, they need to stop calling me.

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1, Dec. 2014

Please get these people to quit!!! Too many calls and they have been told many times to stop,

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10, Sep. 2014

Someone is filling out survey with our names and number with a fake email address.we are getting 30 calls a day from different company

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26, Jan. 2014

Soy de Lima Peru, el dia de hoy me llamaron y ofrecieron todo lo indicado lineas arriba, en ningun momento di ningun dato yme puse salton cuando pidieron fecha de caducidad de mi tarjeta cuando no se la di y le dije que iba a cortar, la operadora se molestó y le pregunte porque se molesta y estaba rabiosa, finalmente le tire el telefono (nadie se debe molestar si alguien no quiere tus servicios), es obvio que si solicitan datos, NO DEBEN DAR NINGUNO SON UN RIESGO!!!!

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6, Nov. 2013

They called my house I answered & they hung up I'm on the do not call list but I still get calls & I report them don't know if they do anything about it.

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3, May. 2013

this number just calls, no voice mails are left, no live person on the line.

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15, Feb. 2013

these jerks called everyday, sometimes twice.

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9, Feb. 2013

They call allday 3-5 times I keep asking them to stop calling but they call more.