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8, May. 2019

I imagine some people have fallen for it and given out personal/financial info or it would not have continued this long.

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17, Aug. 2018

This telephone number hac better stop phoning my mobile phone. These telephone calls annoy me. What next steps could I take?

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29, Mar. 2018

Richard just called AGAIN to speak to the "Director of Engineering" - but this time called from a phone number that showed up as "Unknown caller." Not sure what this gentleman wants, but it seems pretty shady.

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24, Aug. 2013

New number 760-230-5558

Fed the fuck up
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17, Jun. 2013

These worthless pieces of shit are calling my telephone continually. I have been on the do not call list for years. Who will enforce the law? Beats hell out of me, just don't mess with these bottom feeding motherfuckers.!!

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11, Apr. 2013

Keeps calling does not leave message

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9, Aug. 2012

There was no msg. HOW can ALL these companies continue to call when I'm on the "Do Not Call Registry"????????????