Area Code 952

Additional information:

Area code: 952
State: Minnesota
Country: USA
26, Mar. 2020

These people call at least 3-5 times a month.

18, Mar. 2020

It is beyond rude and obnoxious cold calling to a very handicapped person.

17, Mar. 2020

Called 3 times within 15 minutes. I hung up each time.

17, Mar. 2020

Represented himself to be with MICROSOFT,saying that Microsoft notified them that my computer had been compromised by virus.

11, Mar. 2020

I stopped answering!

4, Mar. 2020

They call me on my cell and at my business - both of which have been on the do not call registry since its inception.

1, Mar. 2020

It is to cut credit card interest rates.

26, Feb. 2020

she hurriedly said, "I don't believe in the Do Not Call List, Goodbye." and disconnected. - Warranties & protection plans"

25, Feb. 2020

We receive at least 3 or 4 of the calls every week on our land line.

20, Feb. 2020

call my cell phone didn't want to say where he was from just keeps asking me if I was so and so, going back and forth about it, I keep asking who he was and he didn't want to answer and hung up on me.. so I look up the number and see all this comments about him, so I block him!! he was very RUDE!!

15, Feb. 2020

I block the number and a new number appears daily.

6, Feb. 2020

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