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29, Apr. 2016

On the fourth answer I asked them to please stop calling me and the lady simply hung up on me.

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18, Aug. 2015

I did not pick up since it says it came from Grenada.

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27, Mar. 2015

Calling about San Diego Gas and Electric saving on energy bill.

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16, Jan. 2015

Won't leave a message or hang up when they get put on hold

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20, Mar. 2013

This number calls me at least once a day. It is always a recording, so I have no way to ask them to stop calling. When I call the number it sounds like a machine. This is a cell number, so their call is not free to me. Please help me, the number of calls is at the level of harassment.

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10, Oct. 2012

they asked for the person who handles the electric bill.