Area Code 949

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Area code: 949
State: California
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Called and hung up never called previously. Marked as spam and blocked

12, Feb. 2019

I answer with our business name and they hang up. Yet, they keep calling. Duh!! Why do they waste their time on people who won't be buying their service?

11, Feb. 2019


10, Feb. 2019

This guy Adam called at 5:00am and then nothing. Reverse look up stats his name was Adam Salis

28, Jan. 2019

Scam about auto warranty. I have tried to give them incorrect information to have them stop (sold car, not able to drive, etc) but they keep calling. Is there anything that can be done to stop them from using my phone to do their advertising?

26, Jan. 2019

Die Bestätigung, die Sie erhalten haben, weist nach, dass die Zahlung durch PayPal ESCROW auf Ihrem Konto eingegangen ist. Das Geld ist in Ihrem Guthaben verfügbar, sobald Sie die in der Überweisung angegebenen Schritte auf Ihrem Konto durchgeführt haben Dann kommt das : Ok, ich verstehe dich, das ist nicht leicht für dich, ich mache mir Sorgen, ich werde es noch einmal erklären, um es einfach zu machen ... Ich möchte, dass du weißt und verstehst, dass ich diese Transaktion nicht missverstehen soll, weil Ich habe meine Zeit investiert und alles ist hier, um nicht wegen meines Interesses die Zeit eines anderen zu verschwenden. Ich muss klarstellen, dass Sie zum moneygram gehen werden, um die Zahlung direkt an den Spediteur zu leisten, der zu Ihnen nach Hause kommt Um die Transaktion abzuschließen, senden Sie die Zahlungsbestätigung per E-Mail an PayPal, um die Transaktion abzuschließen. Dies ist auch eine Anweisung in der Überweisungsbestätigung, die Sie von PayPal erhalten. Dann das: OK Sie müssen zu einem moneygram mit Bargeld gehen und das Geld direkt an die angegebene Lieferadresse senden und die Quittung zur sofortigen Bestätigung an PayPal senden, um die Transaktion abzuschließen. Leute ihr müsst aufpassen mit diese Person , überweist kein Geld an ihm . Denn das sieht ihr nie wieder . Mit Kamm das schon am Anfang alles komisch vor aber hab ihn mal erzählen lassen . Der Typ ist definitiv ein BETRÜGER.!!!!!!

22, Jan. 2019

Receive calls all day ..block ked

20, Jan. 2019

Received a message Crystal with Quality One loans. I never applied for a loan with Quality One. Left a callback number of 858-373-9264

15, Jan. 2019

Ain't ya the druggie chick from the Elks bar mission Viejo that got fired for theft and drugs ya ain't missed biach y'all need to look in yall own mirror

12, Jan. 2019

Tenho que achar esse cara

10, Jan. 2019

Commission advance service for Realtors..

9, Jan. 2019

This guy has to be the biggest con out there. Not only is he manipulative but he also likes to exploit women so he can benefit from their misery. He likes to trap women into his little mind games using a fake Australian accent when you can look him up on Youtube and his accent is a mix of American and Southern Asian. He also likes to lie about his age. I guarantee you this greasy skinned alcoholic is not 46 but rather in his late 50s according to court documents I ascertained. Mr F.A.G. (Fake Australian Guy) also uses people’s information to ruin their credit history, scam businesses out of tens of thousands of dollars which in turn ruins a persons reputation just so he can benefit from some green backs. He isn’t a billionaire. Probably a millionaire who has his own winery in Oceanside, rents out his property as an Airbnb and more than likely does some shady illegal shit under the radar for his Bitcoin enterprise. If you know anything about Bitcoin you would know it isn’t always a guarantee with those machines and it can cost between 3000-6000 per month in electrical bills to run them. He probably steals electricity from his neighbors. I’d highly recommend you avoid talking to this deepthroated toned ignoramus who smokes like a chimney and downs booze like a Japanese adult actress downs some bukakke juice. He isn’t who he says he is. At least not fully. Don’t let this fugly wannabe Aboriginee waste your time.

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