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14, Feb. 2020

They have been told repeatedly to remove our number from their call logs yet they never do.

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17, Oct. 2019

This is telemarketer. VOIP Caller Claims to know your tax problems and can help you.

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15, Apr. 2019

Same company - we hang up they call back from a different number!

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4, Apr. 2019

no message, dead air.

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12, Jul. 2018

My wife answered the call, advised that we are on the Do Not Call list, and asked that they remove us from their list.

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11, May. 2018

This always happens after purchases.

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15, Mar. 2018

When I called it back, the message said it's about preserving newborns stem cells. Guess they got my number from a medical/ blood test list due to pregnancy.

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10, Nov. 2017


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21, Nov. 2016

This has become harassment !

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15, Oct. 2016

Hung up on me when I told him I knew this was scam.

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2, Dec. 2015

It doesn't appear this do not call program works very well.

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6, May. 2015

This is the same people calling about selling diet pills for $800.00 again.

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9, Feb. 2015

I want their calls to stop.

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17, Sep. 2014

it is a company offering lower interest rates

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11, Aug. 2014

They have called my cell 2 times for a total of 71 times. I can't get them to stop.

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24, Apr. 2014

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4, Apr. 2014

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6, Mar. 2014

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14, Sep. 2013

They have called before but this is the most recent.

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2, May. 2013

Why are these companies allowed to continue to stoop to dialing numbers listed on the do not call list.

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27, Nov. 2012

These Text messages promote loans. I do not text and I am charged for each message. I am on the "No Call Registry, yet have also received calls from a telemarketer. I have previously reported calls to the FCC as that was a bogus number. The FCC advised forwarding this info to the FTC as well. I have a record of dates & times of calls from that number. Thank you.

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11, Jul. 2012

They called again and again.