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25, Mar. 2020

This is the 3rd call from this number.

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20, Dec. 2019

Victor left me a voicemail about some references or something, when I called back he was acting like I was the one cold calling him. 100% sketchy if you ask me

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5, Nov. 2019

Did not identify themselves, just started in on "We have a great opportunity for you." some type of investment?

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25, Sep. 2018

I have asked them not to call again.

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10, Apr. 2018

I went to bank right away and canceled all transactions.

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27, Aug. 2017

Called without message. Blocked!

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4, Apr. 2017

He provided me with the website for another company with a similar name.

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27, Feb. 2017

same thing here. calls all the time to my cell phone

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1, Feb. 2017

They have hounded me for years.

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18, Aug. 2016

since I started writing down anoying calls a week ago this # cld 12 times!

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22, Jul. 2016

they are from VOIP.

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27, Jun. 2016

Message talked about free money available to homeowners.

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8, Jun. 2016

I also asked the representative to stop calling.

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10, Mar. 2016

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10, Feb. 2016

They are for someone who does not live here.

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7, Dec. 2015

my husband gets these call too.

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15, Aug. 2014

I don't know what more annoying...these calls or e-mails from the Nigerian prince.

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8, Jul. 2014

keeps calling my cell phone looking for someone and will not stop despite repeated requests to do so. do not even know of the person they are trying to reach.

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29, Apr. 2014

other search sites claim this is a phising or scam caller, trying to obtain sensitive information, by letting you know they're with your bank, or other places where you've done business. Avoid and report.

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20, Sep. 2013

They call 2-3 times a day for the past week now. It started with a call last week.

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18, Feb. 2013

Called my cell phone. It was a get rich quick scam. "Make $10,000 by next week."

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19, Dec. 2012

they call me every single day at different times, i have stopped answering...

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8, Oct. 2012

These people don't stop!

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17, Jul. 2012

They are calling on my cell phone. Don't know how they even got that number. They also do not identify themselves.