Area Code 947

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Area code: 947
State: Michigan
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2020

It came on my cell phone & I do not need this garbage using up minutes on my plan.

19, Feb. 2020

who called herself Ginger, she told me they were in central Florida.

18, Feb. 2020

One day someone from the company told me they wouldn't call and I got three more calls within the next hour.

16, Feb. 2020

and yet they call daily

13, Feb. 2020

Then they asked if I owed any back taxes.

7, Feb. 2020

when I tried to call back I cannot speak to a person to voice my complaint about these harassing calls.

21, Jan. 2020

They refuse to heed my demand to STOP calling me, and will call agin over and over immediately when I hang up.

19, Jan. 2020

I received calls already today at 9:50 AM, 10:58 AM and 12:01 PM and if they hold true to form I will receive as many as six more calls from them.

16, Jan. 2020

I have called them and asked them to remove me from their internal call list to no avail.

5, Dec. 2019

once again today, after I told them to remove my number from there calling list.

26, Nov. 2019

We have received at least one call a day for months.

7, Nov. 2019

These people are so offensive with their aggressive practices.

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