Area Code 941

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Area code: 941
State: Florida
Country: USA
12, Feb. 2019

Lowlife Michael A Rose, keeps sending sexual texts to my 16 year old son. Lives at 3641 Inagua Ave in North Port FL, and has been sued many times over the past few years. Avoid this lowlife scumbag pedophile!

12, Feb. 2019

creepy guy keeps texting my 15 year old son. runs a 'business' in north port fl. pedophile alert!

6, Feb. 2019

Called again

5, Feb. 2019

called to offer a $250 cruise, didnt fill out any info but absolutely a scam

31, Jan. 2019

robocaller sales call

18, Jan. 2019

robocall about the pain I'm (apparently) suffering.

15, Jan. 2019

Same caller uses different (cloned?) numbers; house buying scam

15, Jan. 2019

Constant calls from these people using different cloned numbers; house buying scam

Not a dumbass
15, Jan. 2019

Computer-generated woman's voice cut off at the beginning threatening me that I did not respond and now I'm being sued by the government because I did not respond.. SCAMMERS! Don't Answer. Don't give any information to anyone, ever!

27, Dec. 2018

Robocaller who is constantly calling me using different numbers to try to sell me "cheaper healthcare." I'm on the point of blocking any and all calls from Bradenton.

TS Rachel
9, Dec. 2018

He Hires transgender escorts in town he offers money in exchange of mutual oral and top him. He contacted me December 8th in Annapolis area.l from 9415804051.

7, Dec. 2018

An automated illegal robo-call: "Hello. This is St. Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry calling today to see if you need urgent prayer. If you would like to have someone from our center pray for you, please press 1. If you would no longer like to hear from us, please press 3." I pressed 3 over and over and they hung up. Why in the world would they even call me?? I did some research and the calls can be traced back to: The irony is that they even have a page on their website telling people how to sign up for the FTC Do Not Call list, even though they're the ones violating it!

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