Area Code 940

Additional information:

Area code: 940
State: Texas
Country: USA
17, May. 2019

I have reported this caller numerous times but the calls continue.

16, May. 2019

I want them stopped!

Rude. Looking for information
14, May. 2019

Trying to give free estimates for Allstate insurance ... I told her no thank you we have xxxx and we won’t change. She said she will call and ask my husband and hung up on me.. last time I checked you don’t get charged for insurance estimates...

11, May. 2019

When we use to answer the calls they tell us we ordered magazines and didn't pay.

10, May. 2019

It was a telemarketing call selling Senior Alert monitoring systems.

10, May. 2019

She said that the Do Not Call Registry was not for businesses.

10, May. 2019

When I receive the call no one speaks and there is no recorded message.

9, May. 2019

Today they called and would not respond when I answered, then hung up.

7, May. 2019

Answered and there was a click and then nothing.

6, May. 2019

In the last two weeks this company has begun to call on a daily basis.

4, May. 2019

I have chosen 5 numerous times and this company is still calling me with their recorded message.

4, May. 2019

However multiple times they keep on continuing to contact my parents home phone number and not me.

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