Area Code 936

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Area code: 936
State: Texas
Country: USA
12, Nov. 2018

We have been out of the country for more than 6 weeks and the moment we returned home the phone started beeping. We tried to explain that we were not in the country. We looked at the phone list to observe that many calls have come in during the time we were overseas. We are wondering whether to report these irritating phone calls to the legal officer as we are a little concerned whether the telephond calls will start again and again. I am exhausted after the travelling by bus and I am getting stressed.

3, Nov. 2018

Claimed to be from Comcast. Called from a local area code, lol

27, Oct. 2018

Got nine calls in one week on my telephone. I never pick up. My phone is on do not call list and I'm tired of these robocalls. Probably a business trying to sell something I wouldn't want.

9, Oct. 2018

calls and hangs up

4, Oct. 2018

Always an electronically generated voice leaving a message on the answering way to request that the company not call back.

4, Oct. 2018

They refuse to heed my demand to STOP calling me, and will call agin over and over immediately when I hang up.

30, Sep. 2018

Call came into my cell phone, I did not answer.

30, Sep. 2018

This agency left a message. He said that I must call right away about a debt. I was anxious, but I had to phone. When I phoned, I heard an automated message that said that nobody was available. Would you still be scared? I do not know what to do.

30, Sep. 2018

The calls are sometimes clustered together. Every time I inquire about the name of the outfit, they hang up. This pisses me off. There has to be some kind of lawsuit to make these telephone calls cease.

28, Sep. 2018

Man pisses me off my heart racing freaking out all to find out its scammers thats mesed up,

26, Sep. 2018

How can I prevent this telephone number from ringing several times per week? They can never leave a voicemail. Who is this business?

26, Sep. 2018

have requested the removal of my number at least 20 times!

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