Area Code 936

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Area code: 936
State: Texas
Country: USA
4, Dec. 2018

Had two calls in a single week on my mobile phone. I never answer. My umber is definitely included in the do not call list and I'm done with these automated calls. Likely a business wnat to sell a product I wouldn't need.

4, Dec. 2018

I use an Android application to put a stop to these types of cell phone calls. If some call is from a telemarketing compamy I can blacklist it. I relaly like my smartphone.

4, Dec. 2018

When I picked up my cell phone yesterday afternoon, there was a weird dude on the other end. Chris said the business had called four times about my payday loan. I do not know what this jerk is referring to. This guy told me I'd be sued day after tomorow if I refused to pay over the phone. This fellow seems to know a bunch of stuff about me, like my kids' phone numbers. Can anyone please help me ?

4, Dec. 2018

I hate to get disturbed when eating as I love to linger over my meals with a book in hand. I had to stpo the meal over 9 times just to answer the fool's cell calls Now the meal tastes stale andd the odor is intolerable. I just don't wanna throw the meal. What a waste of resources.

27, Nov. 2018

Said "hello" 4 times and no answer. Called back and said no such number.

20, Nov. 2018

# telephoned me yesterday evening. When I answered the cell phone, a recorded voice began talking. Who knows why they telephoned?

20, Nov. 2018

I received this odd phone call. I couldn't figure out where the telephone call was from. I phoned the caller id number on the screen nd Chi St Lukes Health picked up. It was weird.

20, Nov. 2018

I have registered a complaint twice against this number and they just keep calling - early morning or late evening!

12, Nov. 2018

We have been out of the country for more than 6 weeks and the moment we returned home the phone started beeping. We tried to explain that we were not in the country. We looked at the phone list to observe that many calls have come in during the time we were overseas. We are wondering whether to report these irritating phone calls to the legal officer as we are a little concerned whether the telephond calls will start again and again. I am exhausted after the travelling by bus and I am getting stressed.

3, Nov. 2018

Claimed to be from Comcast. Called from a local area code, lol

27, Oct. 2018

Got nine calls in one week on my telephone. I never pick up. My phone is on do not call list and I'm tired of these robocalls. Probably a business trying to sell something I wouldn't want.

9, Oct. 2018

calls and hangs up

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