Area Code 928

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Area code: 928
State: Arizona
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

They call up to 6 or 8 times a day.

19, Nov. 2018

The nimrods cal at least three times a week. When I answer, it's definitely a recording. I know this because the woman's voice has exactly the same pauses every single time.

15, Nov. 2018

Received this exact same message 10/12/18. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is a scam.

14, Nov. 2018

The company called our mobile phone some mnoths ago. They'd call several times each day The business regulary said they were calling for a man I didn't even know. When I indicated that I really was clueless about this person, the person hung up on me. Is it possible to get this businecs to stop telephoning ?

8, Nov. 2018

The phone calls from this businesss are irritating. Someone please, stop them. What should I do regarding these calls ?

4, Nov. 2018

The dentist showed his displeasure and I was aware that he did not like about the disruptions. This is not the first instance the calls came while I was in the room. In fact, this is the 2nd telephone call within this time period I have been with him to clean the teeth. I glared behind his back and I too was dismayed with the mobile calls ccoming in while I was with the dentist How can I disclose to the dentist that my Android phone needs to be repaired and I am not able to switch off the phone. The fools do not understand that I may be at some important function. I am going to get my phone sorted on Saturday. I might have to do a little homework to make sure. Oh! My tooth!

2, Nov. 2018

The phone will not quit ringing, more often than not after 8 at night. I tried over and over, but the person I talked to was unhelpful. I if they will stop telephoning.

21, Oct. 2018

Claim to be FBI with warrant for my arrest

16, Oct. 2018

Today the phone rang 3 times and had no recording.

Will brew
16, Oct. 2018

Spam call 830 am.

16, Oct. 2018

They are trying to collect a debt from someone who does not live @ my address and I do not know

16, Oct. 2018

You don't seem to be able to stop these clowns.

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