Area Code 928

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Area code: 928
State: Arizona
Country: USA
8, Nov. 2018

The phone calls from this businesss are irritating. Someone please, stop them. What should I do regarding these calls ?

4, Nov. 2018

The dentist showed his displeasure and I was aware that he did not like about the disruptions. This is not the first instance the calls came while I was in the room. In fact, this is the 2nd telephone call within this time period I have been with him to clean the teeth. I glared behind his back and I too was dismayed with the mobile calls ccoming in while I was with the dentist How can I disclose to the dentist that my Android phone needs to be repaired and I am not able to switch off the phone. The fools do not understand that I may be at some important function. I am going to get my phone sorted on Saturday. I might have to do a little homework to make sure. Oh! My tooth!

2, Nov. 2018

The phone will not quit ringing, more often than not after 8 at night. I tried over and over, but the person I talked to was unhelpful. I if they will stop telephoning.

21, Oct. 2018

Claim to be FBI with warrant for my arrest

16, Oct. 2018

Today the phone rang 3 times and had no recording.

Will brew
16, Oct. 2018

Spam call 830 am.

16, Oct. 2018

They are trying to collect a debt from someone who does not live @ my address and I do not know

16, Oct. 2018

You don't seem to be able to stop these clowns.

15, Oct. 2018

I received a call from 3056020716 December 3, 2013, 10:42AM ET, and my caller I.D.

14, Oct. 2018

Texted and says, "hey, is this [your name]?" to which they don't respond to "who's this?" ... Suspicious and possible scam attempt.

13, Oct. 2018

received a call from 928-439-4122. They left me message. Hey, this is Officer Catherine Richardson. Number 002-5609 from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This message has been sent to you as a final notification against or case with the Department of tax and crime investigation right now. Your physical address is under investigation and arrest warrant has been issued under your name for further queries, and resolving this case contact the below number of the tax and crime investigation department. 920-843-9422. I repeat 920-843-9422. Thank you. Definitely a scam, mark your phones

12, Oct. 2018

You can not call them back or talk with them, because it is a recorded message.

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