Area Code 925

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Area code: 925
State: California
Country: USA
13, Feb. 2019

Tried to say I can save on my mortgage but when I said I didn't own a house, they hung up on me.

13, Feb. 2019

I've gotten 11 calls from this number since December 28th. I have the number blocked, but the caller is still able to leave a voicemail, and never seems to realize that he is being recorded. Doesn't say what he's calling for or what company he is with. I saved a voicemail from him saying, "it's gonna be a long day. I'm tired :'(" because I thought it was funny.

9, Feb. 2019

Yep, got a request for catering and something seemed strange after a day of texting. Email was like, who does that? Started feeling suspicious and then they wanted me to tack on almost $5,000 for a DJ who couldn't accept credit cards? Looked up the number and thankfully found this post. Suggested we meet in person and just like everyone said, she had pneumonia. Blocked the number and moving on! Thanks guys!

7, Feb. 2019

Terrible service!!

28, Jan. 2019

"Robert" and his wife "Kristy." Be cautious.

24, Jan. 2019

I think was a scam. Lady barely spoke English and wanted to know if we were getting disability. I think they would help me apply for disability for a fee.

14, Jan. 2019

US Bank calling with information for me as a US bank customer

20, Dec. 2018

These are Indian job recruiters who won't stop calling. They originally called about jobs far outside of Orlando, even though my job profile says Orlando only. I have told them numerous times by phone and e-mail to stop calling, but they still call. How do I get them to stop? Trident Consulting Inc Dublin, CA 94568 They previously called on: 4:38 pm 12/18/18 925-215-1117 3:29 PM 11/26/18 925-215-1117 925-215-5520 1:45 PM 2/20/18 6:32 PM 9/28/17

19, Dec. 2018

A robot voice claiming to be someone from Marriot Hotels with an important message. I hung up at this point as I have gotten these calls before from other numbers. A lookup of the number reveals that it is a Cell Phone with the carrier as Metro PCA. Not a land line like a real business would use to call customers or former customers.

14, Dec. 2018

A man with a very heavy Indian accent contacted my niece, who is recovering from major surgery and gave information to this idiot about her student loans. Once I heard whatshe was saying I stepped in and ended the call. (Don't make any decisions when you are on pain meds.) Please don't fall for this fool's bull!

9, Dec. 2018

Called at 8:30AM Sunday morning. San Ramon, CA. and previous Friday. Jerks

6, Dec. 2018

Why in the heck am I getting this damn telephone calls from # ? The voicemails from this telephone number are stupid. I have no clue who is the man he's trying to phone.

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