Area Code 920

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Area code: 920
State: Wisconsin
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

i have requested caller to stop calling, still getting calls

19, Nov. 2018

Woman called and left an angry voicemail telling me they'd tried calling multiple times and this was the last time they'd call to lower my credit card rate.. Please do not EVER give your information out to anyone.

16, Nov. 2018

Used a local number 720-634-8017 (aka neighbor spoofing- Company called Innovated? for "Childhood Leukemia Center" requesting donations for gift baskets.

16, Nov. 2018

Calls daily and doesn’t leave a message. Tired of it!

7, Nov. 2018

Her mind is engrossed with the calls coming on her iphone and eternally she keeps on looking at the cell phone wherever she is. She shrieks at each person including my brother. My brother has noted that she gets frightened always she gets a phone call on her cell phone. She is doing her final examination and it is vital that she passes her exam first time. We need to think of tactics to stop these cellular calls as these calls really distract her all the time. Still the calls continue to come before 6.00 am.

6, Nov. 2018

Answered and all I heard was the intro to a song, waited to hear the hook and it never came...caller disconnected before I could figure out the song, now it will haunt me forever

3, Nov. 2018

I didn't the phone number # when the call came in to my mobile phone. I do not want to talk with a debt collector. How should I tell the collector to stop calling me?

2, Nov. 2018

Who is it they just called me

26, Oct. 2018

Harassment call about someone who does not live here.

24, Oct. 2018

Text saying she reached out via email to buy something from me and asked that I email her.

19, Oct. 2018

Same green postcard. I didn't order anything .. so I. The shredder it went.

17, Oct. 2018

Calls my house 3 times a day and no one is on the other end.

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