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22, Oct. 2017

I hope I didn't give too much info.

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3, May. 2017

When I receive these calls I think it is a family member in need.

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21, Jul. 2016

Not recognizing #- didn't answer - this is what you do with all/any number that is not viable/recognizable - simple - no brainer, just common sense

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23, May. 2016

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1, Dec. 2015

I told them to NEVER contact me again, as I stated that they are SCAMMERS.

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16, Feb. 2015

I answered the phone and nobody said anything, then it hung up. We called this number back and it went to a recording asking if we wish added on a "Do Not Call List". This occurs multiple times a week, and has been going on since we have recently started our business. What is the purpose of this so-called "Do Not Call List" if we repeatedly receive these unwanted, solicited calls after we ALWAYS decline to accept future calls?

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2, Oct. 2014

Insisted he had done business with me when he had not for a car warranty. I have not owned the car for 4 years. Got rude with me.

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15, Sep. 2014

When I answered my cell phone, I could hardly understand more than I had won a sweepstake and wasn't that wonderful? Then when she asked about my making $1200, I immediately said I did not answer questions like that and she hung up.