Area Code 918

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Area code: 918
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
William C.
5, Feb. 2019

I received the Delivery card like everyone else. What made us consider its legitimacy was the 'first class' real stamp in the corner vs. a bulk rate imprint or a presort (mass mailing first class). The indications that it was a marketing scam was the 'computer' written addressee as well as the obviously printed obverse that 'we have a package for you'. I did not call, but I suspect either a Cellular switching offer (think free phone if you switch) - given that a Cellular company apparently owns the phone number. Could be other typical ;'hard sell' marketing items too like a 'timeshare' deal or water conditioning equipment, alarm systems etc. etc. Bottom Line - deceptive marketing is not a great way to build trust with a company even BEFORE the sale. My advice is you ignore the card and seek out vendors as you discover you need their respective services.

1, Feb. 2019

This a bunch of people calling from different number claiming they are trying to sell you extended car warranty you can ask them to take you off their list and they will call you everyday from different numbers

29, Jan. 2019

Called left no message. Blocked numbet

19, Jan. 2019

Called me all night long . Weirdo

6, Jan. 2019

Posts fake ads for dump trailers.

3, Jan. 2019

some sort of insurance scam. Don't pick up.

24, Dec. 2018

3009 South Clergern Street, Oklahoma City, 73109 and his phone number is 9188030900 I learned my lesson. I ask if you can somehow mark this house as a scammer's house as that's where I shipped it

11, Dec. 2018

Greeted me with a ridiculous mispronunciation of my name, so I told her "wrong number' and hung up.

8, Dec. 2018

This number has called us today now 5 times. Our spam blocking device allows this number only one ring before blocking the call so they cannot leave a message if they wanted to.

5, Dec. 2018

I am pondering how to stp the impolite calls on the Android. Any thought process? Imagine listening to 9 telephone calls twice a week to listen to fairy tales. Fools!

5, Dec. 2018

Called for my son (on my cell), refused to give me any information.

4, Dec. 2018

We received this weird call. The message didn't say the caller's business. An employee from Conn's HomePlus answered when I phoned back. That seemed strange.

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