Area Code 916

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Area code: 916
State: California
Country: USA
15, Dec. 2018

said I won pch sweepstake

14, Dec. 2018

The recording said that my social security number has been compromised and that I should call 916-273-9499.

10, Dec. 2018

Live person. Not a scammer. Really is the Better Business Bureau. Lady was nice and helpful.

7, Dec. 2018

I was hoping to receive a telephone call from my tailor who was bringing my new cloak from the tailor shop. I was not able to get it before today as the tailor was sick. The tailor gave a mobile call early today morning that he will somehow deliver my new jacket before the award ceremony. The bother to inquire some details from me and does not listen wehn my aunt says I am busy. Ever since then my mobile has been ringing every 8 minutes. Oh how can I ever face the guests again.

6, Dec. 2018

I have received a minimum of 35 calls this past month from this phone number. Bizarre voicemails. He says that they are calling about a debt. The recording says to call back immediately. They call until I answer them. Can somebody help me?

6, Dec. 2018

Guy called our office looking for my boss. I told him she is not in the office and asked him if I could help him. His reply: I wanted to speak with (stated my boss's name), dummy! Then hung up the phone.

6, Dec. 2018

This is the Arden fair HOBBY LOBBY 12/5/18

5, Dec. 2018

This place keeps calling from a California area code. They irritate the crap out of me. It's always one of those pre-recorded calls. I am going to scream I have no idea why they are calling.

5, Dec. 2018

A girl phoned me two days ago She said the call about something legal. I replied to send it in the mail. A guy phoned this afternoon and told me that he wanted to talk about a lawsuit. These phone calls infuriate me.

5, Dec. 2018

True I have had a credit card. It is a total falsehood that I owe money. Why do you think they are calling? There's no reason for the bank to call.

4, Dec. 2018

I have a similar story. Was trying to sell items on Craigslist and was contacted by an interested buyer who sent a cashier's check for an amount that was much more than what I was selling. They asked me to then transfer the surplus to their "mover." This: 916-304-5748 was the phone number given to me that was supposedly a "mover," and so I looked it up. Thank goodness others confirmed what I was already suspicious of: this is a scam.

4, Dec. 2018

Appointment reminder from California Unemployment Center

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