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B Ponze
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12, Mar. 2019

Repeayed nuisance calls. Leaves no voicemail message.

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10, Aug. 2018

I never called them or heard of them, never got a company name.

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3, Jul. 2018

I have not applied for a loan- this was just a spam call that directed me to a website.

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12, May. 2018

This person has called before, about a year or so ago.

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22, Feb. 2018

Hope they liked having their call aborted by a machine that appears to be smarter than they are.

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31, Jan. 2018

When I called it said, " sorry all of our agents are busy right now or called after business hours and to be placed on DNC list press 1"... IDK, spam or spy app number

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24, Sep. 2017

FRM:18558188030 MSG:You have received a new Golden1 alert. Your card has been flagged . Please call at support center 1-855-818-8030

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10, Jul. 2017

I think it's The Phoenician Apartments calling. I didn't pick up, think it's a collection agency. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer.

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28, Jun. 2017

since we have the # lets go kick the $#!* out of them

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26, Jun. 2017

FRM:19162331688 MSG:Message from Golden 1 C.U. Your ATM card has been put on hold. Call 24/7 Protection Department now 1-916-233-1688

The scam smasher
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4, May. 2017

These little scammers. They are running a scam for "gift cards". They charge you X$'s to send it to you, how much you all want to bet it never ever arrives. I can almost smell the curry and vegetarian farts in the call center through my phone.

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9, Feb. 2017

Unrecognized number, and name just "sacramento ca" so did not pick up the call. Call lasted long enough to flag a message on answering machine, but no actual message as to words left. Apparently unsolicited and illegal call as my number is on national do not call list.

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11, Sep. 2016

The last person I spoke with at the school about this problem was Martha Orocco on October 30th, 2013.

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8, Sep. 2016

The recorded message sounded as a scheme targeting seniors: The message was: Hi .

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19, Aug. 2016

Rings twice and hangs up, have received other calls in same way.

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22, Jul. 2016

Who calls from this number? Caller ID shows as VOIP and has a Sacramento area code, but no voice message was left. Is this another scam caller trying to sell you, ask for donations or want information out of you?

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28, Jun. 2016

Robocall but when I waited for a live operator, he was quite rude and hung up when I notified him this was a DO NOT CALL listed number and to update his database.

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25, Jun. 2016

This is a recorded message and there is not option to opt out of receiving their phone calls.

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30, Apr. 2016

Redialing their number does not connect, reverse phone lookup gives no results.

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14, Apr. 2016

We've have no idea what they are calling about.

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13, Apr. 2016

Another spam call to my cell phone that I cannot afford.

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19, Jan. 2016

I receive prerecorded calls like this from various numbers.sometimes on a daily basis promising to lower credit card interest rates.

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4, Nov. 2015

I have reported this number twice before. We hadn't received a call from them for several weeks. I believe it's a recording, we don't answer it.

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23, Jul. 2015

We get a call from this company several times a week.

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30, Apr. 2015

They have called dozens of time almost every day!

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24, Mar. 2014

Called but did not answer as I did not recognize the number. Person who called did not leave voice message.

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28, Feb. 2014

On Do not Call List. Repeated calls from this number, multiple hang-ups, no message left.

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26, Feb. 2014

They call frequently, get my answer machine and then hang up.

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20, May. 2013

this is a robo call and we can't tell them not to call!

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30, Apr. 2013

This number calls me everyday twice a day. I have tried to leave a message and tried to call back to tell them to stop calling but I can not leave a message. It is just a recording.

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3, Nov. 2012

These people have been calling daily for about a month at various times. Usually they hang up before the answering machine picks up. It is a recorded message. Caller ID just shows unknown and out of area; no name.

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8, Aug. 2012

Were told once that this number was on the Do Not Call registry and to never call again. Now call from a different number every day. Never pick up but google the number and always leads back to this group.

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1, Aug. 2012

These phone numbers are all related. When I picked up the phone, the auto response computerized voice says they will help me. I put those numbers in my reject lists but thir auto redailing system keeps calling multiple times if I don't pick up the phones. Its very annoying. It does everyday and I am receuving their auto calls at leadt 10 times a day. Please investigate. Thanks.

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21, May. 2012

This company has been fined by the AG of AZ this year for similar deceptive practices.