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26, Aug. 2018

The person who calls talks so fast like a speed train and I am not at all clear about the conversation. I can very distinctly hear him saying something about a number to cal the moment I say fhat I cant understand. After a number of calls I managed to write down the telephone number the caler is trying to disclose to me for some reason. I am so happy that I will finally be able to stop this coward. I firmly believe I will be able put a full stop to this nonsense.

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12, Dec. 2017

Same call here... around 10:15 pm to my landline. It's definitely bull. I have to say they had me for about the first 10 seconds lol.

Mr Stach ,Tx
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3, Dec. 2017

this allegations are out of context, are scamers all the way, losers.

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6, Feb. 2016

Calls from 18056377243 are starting again!

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8, Apr. 2013

They call more than once a day, every day. I don't answer the phone, but they keep calling.