Area Code 913

Additional information:

Area code: 913
State: Kansas
Country: USA
21, May. 2019

The message referred to NetSpend and said they were calling about a prepaid debit card.

21, May. 2019

Today a voice message was left.

21, May. 2019

Said I have been awarded a $200 bonus and should go to a website my free

21, May. 2019

The consumer asked the caller to stop calling but they call back anyway.

19, May. 2019

You people are stupid. How have any of you been scammed when it seems like none of you have bought anything from these people? In order for someone to be a scammer they need to scam money from people and all I see on here are a bunch of entitled crybabies that didn't get the items they wanted because whoever was on the other end was selective who they sold to. I've sold stuff on craigslist and I side with the seller. Buyers on cl and all those other places act like entitled babies that want everything for free and want the seller to bring the stuff to their doorstep. Not one of you reported being taken for any money but yet you call the seller a scammer....OK that's fair. Maybe it was you that was rude. Craigslist buyer's want the person on the other end to read their minds. I support the seller, you all seem like butt hurt bottom feeders.

18, May. 2019

The person will call and when I answer will not say anything, they will not leave a message and I am unable to leave a message with the company.

16, May. 2019

No response when I answered, they hung up after several seconds. the call was immediately followed by a call from a weird phone number. :/

15, May. 2019

This company calls often and repeatedly and as early as 6:00AM.

14, May. 2019

I have asked to be removed from the list.

14, May. 2019

I am on the national do not call registry so they are violating the law.

10, May. 2019

when i try to answer it , it goes dead.

10, May. 2019

Last chance to get a lower credit card rate .

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