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  • Regional statistics: San Bernardino, California has a population of 202381 that is in a county of 528594 units. The city is in a county that is 20062 square miles. 909-589 is available through the regional telephone switch # LSANCAVACA2 in the San Bernardino area.
  • Other cities located around San Bernardino: Fontana (909-587) Rialto (909-586) Chino (909-590) San Dimas (909-592)
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28, Mar. 2019

These calls come up to 1-2 times an hour and are harassing us.

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27, Mar. 2019

I have been on the Do Not Call Registry for years.

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27, Mar. 2019

He ask for the interest rate on our current mortgage.

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27, Mar. 2019

It sounded bogus, but i called anyway.

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9, Apr. 2018

It is a recorded call made to sound like a live voice, telling me they are calling to schedule a delivery of an alert device that has already been paid for.

good citizen apply to all
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7, Sep. 2017

He said, he is Technologies , about my computer ... I recently, delete the all prior pc app and etc and update to security getting scam who has a my ip address previously... may call for the reason??? showing #: 909-589-5021 AHD?? Technologies caller ID showing the phone calls to us.

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18, Mar. 2017

No message left

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22, Jan. 2017

Same number called me twice within 3 minutes - 1st time was 12:41 PM, 2nd time was 12:44 PM

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24, Sep. 2016

pick up and no one is there

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6, Aug. 2016

Very annoying, since it is may cell phone so it eats my minutes.

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17, Jul. 2015

This is a residence number.

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22, Jun. 2015

Medical alet bracelet.

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18, Apr. 2015

Offers some kind of loan related to the "government stimulus".

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22, Jan. 2013

They are solicitating via text messaging.