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2, Apr. 2018

It happened to me too, heavy accent, most likely an African, they purchase phone cards and when call USA the number gets routed showing a local or out of state number, BE AWARE NO Financial Institution or Credit Card Company calls requesting personal information

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6, Jan. 2018

They gave me a prize number and told me to push 1 and claim my prize or something like that.

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15, Nov. 2017

This company called last week and I asked them to no longer call yet they continue to call.

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12, May. 2017

in which case she has no business.

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29, Mar. 2017

Four calls today no answer no message call back number is bogus

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12, Jan. 2017

Called numerous times but left no message, I don't know who they are, I don't recognize this number or someone who lives in New Jersey either...

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9, Oct. 2015

6 of 6 calls received from all over the US on same date where background noise and accent of caller was the same.

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8, Apr. 2014

Calls all the time from different numbers i cant get them to stop even though i have requested numerous times

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18, May. 2013

when i tried to call back this number to say stop calling, there was no answer, it was a non call back number so there is no way to tell them to stop calling. This is a real pain.