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26, Jul. 2018

When my husband asked him to please not call and to put our number on their do not call list, this young man replied.NO!

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30, Jan. 2018

i suspect it unethical company if that.

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28, Jan. 2017

Please remove my telephone number from your list.thank you.

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4, Feb. 2016

only a morning call to shake things up a bit.

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6, Nov. 2014

Have received several calls. Each time have asked to be removed from calling. List

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6, Jan. 2014

Called my number and didn't leave a message so I called them back on restricted yet they still knew my first name. VERY creeped out.

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15, Aug. 2013

If you were to do the Satellite photo it's from a house. I think this guy is a scammer. I just hung up on him.

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4, Jan. 2013

They are saying when they call that we requested that they call us. Only my husband and I live at this address, and neither of us requested them to call us. We don't even know who this company is.

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30, Jul. 2012

these calls happen all the time!