Area Code 905

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Area code: 905
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
21, Feb. 2020

offering $3,000 in grocery coupons for senior citizens -shouldn't have called & my number is on the DO NOT CALL LIST

21, Feb. 2020

Scam recorded telemarketer call from "Diane" offering a carpet cleaning special from Cleveland . I live in the state of Washington

21, Feb. 2020

I received the call last week and told them not to call and remove my number from their list.

20, Feb. 2020

They have called several times and I will now start reporting them.

19, Feb. 2020

from numbers from Tennessee, South Dakota, Minnesota, and other states.

13, Feb. 2020

I called back & left a message to take my number off of their list.

13, Feb. 2020

as many as 50 times in a day - Subject matter of the call: Dropped call or no message

13, Feb. 2020

I am stressed out by the calls.

11, Feb. 2020

using very bad language and threaten that I will be getting double the calls now that I have asked them to stop calling.

7, Feb. 2020

This is the 20th call I have reported to the Do Not Call Registry since January 30, 2017.

7, Feb. 2020

They are driving me CRAZY!

6, Feb. 2020

nicely, that I am on the National do not call list and to please place my number on their dnc list.

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