Area Code 905

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Area code: 905
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
6, Dec. 2018

Wonder why I have gotten three calls from CornerStone this month. Can't understand why the bank is telephoning so much. Could it be a error? Has anyone else received a telephone call from someone at the bank named Ursula?

2, Dec. 2018

This number has called my home about 16 instances just to find out my mobile number. The person who calls is not keen in getting any other details about me. The telephone calls come from different numbers. The person who calls has some guts.

1, Dec. 2018

Comcast called again. Jesus. Sigh. I wish they would let me be. We do not pass her the mobile phone now as she is scared over these telephone calls. She has started geting up suddenly in the night. My neighbor mentioned that fhe Police would be better than a Lawyer? We can definitely take action as she is barely 18. It is child molestation at its best!

30, Nov. 2018

call in the evening, no message, hate this kind of disturbance!!!!!!

28, Nov. 2018

I have requested that they stop calling, but they continue to call under different numbers.

28, Nov. 2018

someone from this number called me and she sounded very rude. She ask for my identity - my DOB and full address. When I told her. I am not interested she kept on saying she is not selling any thing but wants my identity. What a way to take money

28, Nov. 2018

My uncle was overjoyed since last Tuesday. My uncle is a bit hard of hearing and never hears the mobile ringing and we eternally have to answer his phone calls. My uncle is gloomy that the caller is not a live person but the telephone calls were calls coming from a machine. He just can’t believe any one and feels all of us are scoffing at him. My uncle is unmarried and the family believes my uncle wass taken up with the person who called not knowing that it was only a recording. What a pity!

Irked by Telemarketers
28, Nov. 2018

Irked by Telemarketers who do not understand the Canadian Do-Not-Call-List (DNCL). On several occasions over the past three years Estelle Herscu was asked to remove our number from ALL her real estate brokerage's lists and to respect the DNCL. Today Estelle Herscu decided to call again, and had to be reminded again to respect Canadian federal telecommunications law! We never had any business relationship with her or the broker she works for, that is: RE/MAX REALTRON REALTY INC 183 Willowdale Ave Toronto, ON M2N 4Y9, Canada BTW, besides Estelle Herscu, over the past few years other agents from RE/MAX REALTRON REALTY INC cold called us as well. In all cases they were asked to remove our name and phone number from any of their lists. Caller: Estelle Herscu of RE/MAX REALTRON REALTY INC

26, Nov. 2018

I don't know why # is phoning for my brother - in -law at my mobile number becaue she does not live with us. I wonder if I should pass on them with the real phone number, or forget it.

26, Nov. 2018

I received a strange phone call a hour ago. The guy said his name was Tony and stated that he was calling regarding payments my payday loan for two hundred dollars. I don't have a clue what this man is tlaking about. This jerk said I could pay the credit now or get taken to court day after tomorrow in three days in 3 days for $2, 300. He seems to know a lot of things about me, such as my birth date. Can anyone please tell me what is going on?

26, Nov. 2018

My spouse says that this telephone number is from Collectcorp Collection Agency. Will somebody tell me if that's true?

26, Nov. 2018

# called. When I picked up the phone call the caller wouldn't say anything. Just silence and a dial tone. I believe the phone call was definitely from Collectcorp Collection Agency.

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